About the Springfield MRF

The Springfield Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) has been in operation since 1990. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) owns the land and buildings located on 84 Birnie Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts, but operational responsibilities are contracted to Waste Management Recycle America (WMRA), a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc. The recyclable paper and containers are delivered separately to the MRF for processing, also known as dual stream collection. The current operating contract for dual stream collection and processing commenced in April 2005 and expires in June 2015. Seventy-three (73) municipalities from the four counties of western Massachusetts have signed contracts to deliver their recyclables to the MRF. Waste Management Recycle America also has an off-site delivery location for municipalities that collect their recyclables in a single stream, meaning all paper and containers are put together. The single stream delivery and processing site is located at 203 Tremont Street, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently, the following municipalities collect recyclables single stream: City of Springfield, and the City of Chicopee. All other western Massachusetts municipalities with a MRF contract have a dual stream collection with delivery to the Birnie Avenue MRF.

Location & Contact Information

Springfield Materials Recycling Facility
84 Birnie Avenue
Springfield, MA 01107

Plant phone number: 413-747-9294
Plant fax number: 413-747-9198
MassDEP contact number: Steven Ellis at 413-755-2239 or email

Single Stream Delivery Site
Automated Materials Handling Facility
203 Tremont Street
Springfield, MA 01104
Phone number: 413-785-5331
Fax Number: 413-734-1540
MassDEP contact number: Steven Ellis at 413-755-2239 or email

Hours of Operation

Springfield MRF and Single Stream Delivery Site:
Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. For weeks during which a holiday is observed, the MRF is open on the Saturday following the holiday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Contractual Information

Municipalities have certain requirements under their contractual agreement with DEP and WMRA, including, but not limited to, the following items:

  • Adopting and enforcing a mandatory recycling by-law or ordinance.
  • Collecting and transporting recyclables to the facility.
  • Ensuring the delivery of all recyclable materials collected by or on behalf of the municipality to the facility.
  • Ensuring that no hazardous waste is delivered to the MRF.
  • Obtaining prior written consent from DEP if there is any modification to the recycling program by the municipality or its hauler, including changing tonnage amounts or eliminating or adding types of materials.
  • A ninety (90) day notice to DEP and WMRA is required to terminate a contract. See the contract for more information on terminating and how it affects public education payments and revenue sharing.

Please review the attached PDF version of the dual stream and single stream contracts in their entirety to understand the full and complete obligations of each municipality that has entered into a municipal agreement.

Current (2005) Dual Stream Contract

2015 Dual Stream Contract with Single Stream Option


Municipalities with a signed contract are eligible to deliver recyclables to the MRF according to the following terms:

  • A municipality must designate a hauler(s) that will utilize their account.

Designated Hauler Form (PDF)

Designated Hauler Form (DOCX)

  • A municipality must include in any contract with a designated hauler a requirement that all recyclables collected on behalf of the municipality by that hauler will be delivered to the MRF, or the Single Stream Delivery site, depending on your collection type.
  • All deliveries to the facility must adhere to the delivery standards, or these loads may be rejected. Delivery and Acceptance Standards Info

Public Education Fees

Municipalities do not pay any tipping fees for delivering their recyclables to the MRF, or the single stream delivery site. The only fee required under the municipal contract is a public education fee of five (5) cents per capita. Under the contract, this annual fee is deducted from the municipal revenue payments and paid directly to the MRF Advisory Board.

The MRF Advisory Board is a public body created by the municipal contract to discuss and review MRF operations, to provide education about the MRF recycling program, and to mediate disputes between towns, the MRF operators and DEP. The MRF Advisory Board administers the public education fees for a variety of educational purposes, including:

  • Preparation and distribution of educational materials about the MRF.
  • Development of programs, including grants and equipment distribution, to increase recycling participation.
  • Public education to increase awareness about the benefits of recycling.
  • A newsletter about MRF related recycling issues.

MRF Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

MRF Advisory Board Meeting Agendas

Click here for a schedule of upcoming meetings of the Advisory Board.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction at the Northampton DPW, the Advisory Board meeting for September 28th will take place at (start time remains 10AM):
EcoBuilding Bargains
83 Warwick Street
Springfield, MA 01104

MRF Advisory Board Members:

John Alphin
tel: 413-886-5116
Hampden County

Jan Ameen
tel: 413-772 2438
Treasurer, MAB
Franklin County

Veronique (“V.”) Blanchard
tel: 413-538-5033
Hampshire County

James Cahillane
tel: 413-445-4556 ext. 14
Berkshire County

Kathleen Casey
tel: 413-685-5498
Hampshire County

Tracy DeMaio
tel: 413-821-0624
Hampden County
Chair, MAB

Amy Donovan
tel: 413-772 2438
Franklin County

Steve Ellis
tel: 413-755-2239
Mass DEP Western Region

Arlene Miller
tel: 413-567 5027
DEPWestern Region

Michael Pattavina
tel: 413-773 8366
Hampden County

Christina Ferrera
tel:  413-787-6075
Springfield Representative

Susan Waite
tel: 413-587-1059
Hampshire County