Have you heard our radio ads?

Continuing with our public outreach, the Springfield MRF Advisory Board is running 3 radio ads on local radio stations. The first one is about our unique local recycling facility; the second is about not putting plastic bags in your recycling bin; and the third is about the avoidance of “wishcycling;” the practice of putting non-acceptable items into recycling that we “wish” could be recycled. Putting non-acceptable items into recycling, such as plastic bags, can harm the equipment at our local recycling facility and cause safety hazards for the workers. Unwanted materials can lower the resale value of baled materials, or harm the end product. To learn more about what CAN be recycled, see “What’s Recyclable at the MRF” in the tab above.

First, listen to the introduction to the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility:

Second, “Don’t put plastic bags into your recycling”:

Third, “Please…No Wishcycling!”: