Paper FAQ’s

Can pizza boxes be recycled?
Yes and no. Paper mills require clean paper for recycling. If you remove the insert or have a pizza box without grease on it, then it can be recycled. If the box has cheese or oil residue then it can’t be recycled, will be considered a contaminant, and must be put in your trash.

Can I recycle paper plates, paper towels, and tissues?
None of these items can be recycled. Paper plates have a plastic liner built in which keeps them from breaking when they have food on them. Plates without the plastic liner can’t be recycled because of food residue. Paper towels and facial tissue (such as Kleenex) have short fibers that can’t be recycled.

Do I have to remove self-adhesive notes (such as Post-it) from paper products before I recycle them?
No, most self-adhesive notes are now made with a water-based adhesive, which is not a problem for recycling.

Do I need to remove cellophane “windows” from envelopes before recycling?
No, these come out easily in the recycling process.

Do I need to remove staples from documents before recycling?
No, these come out easily in the recycling process.

Is shredded paper recyclable?
Yes, however, it must be bagged first. Place in a paper bag. Shredded paper can always be added to a worm bin or compost pile.

Is wrapping paper recyclable?
Yes, wrapping paper is recyclable. However, we cannot accept any wrapping paper with foil or metallics. Please place those in the trash.

I know juice boxes are recyclable, but what about juice bags?
No, they’re trash. We encourage people to purchase juice boxes instead of juice bags. Remember to put straws from juice boxes in the trash.

Can I recycle aluminum foil?
Yes, but the aluminum foil should be very clean (used on a dry product, like muffins, rather than a messy item like