MRF Tours Available

Due to safety concerns raised by the pandemic, MRF tours will be suspended until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to returning to a normal MRF tour schedule in the future.

Learn more about recycling in western Massachusetts by visiting the Springfield MRF. Staff from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is available to conduct tours of the MRF for school groups, scout groups, community organizations, and any other interested groups.

It only takes one hour to complete a tour of the facility. The tour consists of an educational video about recycling, waste reduction and how recyclables move through the facility. Then there is a walk-through component where you will view the sorting process,
material baling and truck weighing. We also discuss what the recyclables are remanufactured into after they leave the MRF, and how we can “get in the loop” and buy recycled products to keep recycling sustainable.

Book A Tour:

Click here to request your tour of the MRF.

Since we have spacing and time challenges, there is a minimum participation of ten individuals and a maximum of thirty. We cannot accommodate children younger than 1st grade. If you are interested in touring the facility, please contact Véronique Blanchard at (413) 325-3472, (413)624-0205 or via email at:

For your safety, we request that all tour participants wear closed toe shoes. Portions of the tour are outside so please dress accordingly.

Address and Directions to the MRF:

Route 91 South to exit 11, straight off the ramp to the left onto Birnie Ave. The MRF is approximately 1/2 mile on the right.

Route 91 North to exit 10, left off the ramp onto Main Street, then first left onto Walter Street, then left onto Birnie Ave. The MRF is approximately 1/2 mile on the right.

84 Birnie Avenue
Springfield, MA

Phone Number:

Parking at the facility:
All cars should park in the designated spots in front of the building. If there are no
parking spaces available in front, then cars must park behind the building in the designated
spaces along the fence. Buses must drop students off in front of the building and park in the
back while waiting for the group to complete their tour of the facility.